Monday, February 25, 2013

Flood - Day 25 of the Family History Writing Challenge

This is harder than I thought. The more I write, the more holes I find in my research and I have to go back and track down the missing pieces. The information that Sheldon has provided has been a great help but it also points out missing pieces.

We are planning a trip to Tennessee. Hopefully, if we get there, we can find some of the missing information. It appears that most of the records we need are in the Knoxville and Nashville archives. What are missing are the birth and death verifications that would make this so much easier. 

Back to the story of Martha Jane. In her letters, she mentions the river being high. They had a river farm but it is hard to understand if you live on the flatland without water being close by. Some of the pictures that we got today are of a flood in Sneedville in 1963. The only difference I can see in the pictures is that the road is paved and there are electrical lines. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been much different in the 1918 flood. 

This is the house. Like I said before, it will not be moved. The water is lapping at the porch but not getting through. Hardy people build hardy homes. 

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