Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hinds Catch-up

It has been two years since I have done anything with this blog. I find that amazing since at one time, it seemed to be much more important to me. However, the genealogy has gone forward, finding a new part of the family I didn't know existed and a trip this year to the Midwest to dig out more information. The story of my great grandfather's death that we were all told (including the new family) has been pretty much debunked only to be replaced by another story that is equally interesting.

As you go, your perception also changes. Basing what you believe to be the personalities of the people from the past on your relationships with your family, clouds who they really were. My great grandfather may have (and I suspect) been less perfect than I originally thought.

All the information gathered this year on our three week trip is going to take some time to process. I don't want to make the same mistakes that I did early on when I started this. My older entries are full of errors and conjecture. I know so much more now so as I wade through all the stuff I found, I will update the stories and correct the mistakes.