Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Interferes - Day 7 of the Family History Writing Challenge

Part of my life is raising my grandson. We adopted him when he was four and he just had his twelfth birthday. Today, instead of writing, we spent the day having his elbow x-rayed. The doctor thinks it's fractured. Tomorrow when we go to see the orthopedic doctor, I will take a journal to write in while waiting. It might be a good time to look over my outline.

Raising our grandchild has kept us young. While I am upset about the elbow, I must admit that I will not miss baseball practice three days a week and games twice a week. I will not miss the cold at the beginning of the season nor the 100 degree temperature as it gets closer to summer.

Raising our grandchild has kept us current with technology. You have to be tech-savvy so while my friends are out of the loop, we are very aware of all the new trends.

Raising our grandchild has been an adventure. We are hitting the teen years and the attitude that wasn't there a few months ago has appeared full-bloom. Out of nowhere, our sweet boy is now surly.

While I am not writing about the past on Day 7, our family history continues. Today is the day the boy might have fractured his first bone. We celebrate all things "firsts" so why not document this event. Given that we are told what we put on the Internet will forever live in cyberspace, it is important to note that on this day this event happened. It may not be earth shattering but 100 years from now, someone may want to know something about their grandfather as my grandson will someday be. It is also important to remember that my great grandparents had children who broke bones, got colds, and turned into teenagers. The times may have been different but we are all human and react to situations pretty much the same way.

Update 2/16/13 - It was not fractured. He is happy because he will not miss baseball season. However, for the next two weeks he has to keep it wrapped and in a sling to allow it to heal. It was a sprained elbow. And...I guess I will be at the baseball field for all the practices and the games. The only upside is it's a good place to write. There is something about children's voices drifting on the wind without other distractions to allow thoughts to wander.

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  1. I have 18 years between my 3rd and 4th child so I get what your talking about. I always say having a child when your older will either keep you young or make you old fast. When my friends are taking it easy, we are constantly on the run. I still love it all, but would occasionally like to rest.