Saturday, March 2, 2013

Martha Rhea - New photo of my great grandmother

The Family History Writing Challenge is over and I must admit it was hard to write every day. However, after having skipped a day, it somehow just doesn't feel right. Fortunately, on, Ancestry Anne's post today was about posting a picture of you favorite female ancestor. Apparently, it's Women's History Month.

I am not going to spend this month writing about my female ancestors but I do have a new picture of Martha Jane (McColloam) Rhea. It's not the best picture but was taken at the same time as the other family photo I have.

In the family picture, Martha is wearing the white shawl. The small child is wearing a jacket with lots of buttons. Floyd is wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt.

In the new picture, the clothes are the same. The picture was found in a box full of old photos left to Sheldon Livesay by Jewelle Rhea, the daughter of Victor, shown on the top right in the first photo. 

Trying to date the first photo was difficult. My grandfather left Tennessee in 1914 when he married my grandmother in Missouri. In the first picture, we can only guess at John's age but in the Washington Floyd family, the other two children are there. John is the oldest, He was born in 1904. The next child was Guy born in 1906. The baby was Homer born in 1908. 

Homer looks to be slightly more than a year old. That would put Guy at three and John at five. That would make the date of the photo at 1909. My grandfather would have been 27.

This picture is another treasure. We see Martha, John and Floyd again but now have faces for Guy, Homer and Floyd's wife Eliza.

Women’s History Month!
Women’s History Month!

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