Sunday, March 17, 2013

I read a new book - Tell it slant:Writing and shaping creative nonfiction

I wrote a book report on Squidoo for Tell it Slant:: Writing and shaping creative nonfiction. Somehow, I can't seem to say what I want about this book clear enough. I loved it and am reading it again. 

Martha Jane McCollum is my s ubject. I know some things about her and her life and I know what she looks like. What I don't know is what I would need to fill a book. Still, she interests me and her story is one that should be told. The story is not any different than any other woman who has lived through trials and tribulations but it is her will to carry on that I find fascinating.

This book has helped me in so many ways. For example, her picture shows what appears to be a stern woman. Of the three that I have, none of them are smiling and yet, my grandfather smiled a lot so is it safe to assume that she smiled too? In those days, no one really smiled and that was the pose most used. Her mouth is not sunk-in like those who didn't have teeth so I am guessing she had teeth. Her hair is pulled back into a bun so I think it must have been long. 

Tell it slant: Writing and shaping creative nonfiction helped me to determine how far creative writing could go with the facts I have. It's a great book and I hope to learn so much more doing the exercises at the end of the chapters. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write family history is a story like format.

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