Friday, January 4, 2013

Swiching gears

There are two blogs I follow religiously. "The Armchair Genealogist" and "Maybe Someone should write that down". Both of the have inspiring stories of their family histories but they also share tips on organization and posts from other blogs on motivation. I look forward to receiving their posts in my email. Today both of them talk about getting a handle on all the information that floats around my desk. It's the new year and getting organized seems to be the theme. Usually, I read it and then, go back to jumping from spot to spot without getting much done.

Today, I am going to organize my desk. I am going to make a file for all the papers I need to get my husband enrolled in the tribe we recently found he belongs to. We had his adoption records unsealed and have a lot of things to do to get the package ready to send in.

I have a heart template. I want my grandson to make valentines to use on my Squidoo lens. It is sitting on the forms for the original birth certificate. There is an envelope on top of that with some new information I found on the Gaulthair children. That needs to be filed for updates later.

What I really want to do is develop a in-depth history for my great grandmother. Spending time on the research is being sidetracked by all the other stuff sitting on my desk. Thanks to the two blogs for sharing their ideas. Today I clean my desk, tomorrow, I am off (figuratively) to Sneedville, Tennessee to peek into the past.

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