Thursday, January 17, 2013

Straddling the line between fact and fiction

Lying in the land of Memoir: Straddling the Line Between Fact and Fiction is an incredible article sharing thoughts about what we remember when writing a memoir and the actual truth.

I am joining the Family History Writing Challenge and don't know what was said in 1918. I wasn't there but I do have information about that time from my great grandmother's letters. To tell her story, I have done the research into her past and can make educated guesses about her life. Still, I will have to embellish some to fill in the gaps.

The article clearly shows how it is possible to add dialog and details because what we really want to share are not the exact details but the flavor and texture of the times and the person we are writing about. It won't make her story any less true nor the trials and troubles she endured. I want to write about her strengths, ability to overcome obstacles and abiding faith.

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