Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Montoya Children

So we know that Ramon Montoya had two children with Lydia Mary Gaulthair. She apparently had at least one child before Enrique that we thought was Frances but now are told that it was Patty. Frances says Ramon is not her father but the picture that Gary's mom had for 50 years shows Rickie and Frances and they look alike. That was the first inkling we had that Gary was really a Montoya since he also looked like them. is everyone else. With the reunion just a little more than a month off, the list of questions just gets longer. When did they know about Gary? How do they know about Patty and is it the Patricia Powell I tracked down on When did Lydia disappear from their lives? Does Rick and Frances know that Lydia also offered them to Pat and Bill but they turned her down? How does anyone just give away children?

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