Friday, May 18, 2012

Kendall/Gaulthier family

I have a lot of information for future family to share. Not only did I do my immediate family that is Rhea/Yeakley, I did the Dowland/Galbraith for my kids to include their dad's side of the family. Then I started on the Kendall/Hinds family knowing that my husband was adopted but doing the family who loved and raised him. These people may not completely be his biological family but they are family nevertheless. In the mix of the Kendall family is Gary's biological mother. She was his adoptive mother's cousin. Lydia Mary Gaulthair had many children. Gary was always aware of the two closest in age because we have a picture of them. He always wondered what happened to them. This is a big puzzle to put together and is getting bigger the more we find. We did find Frances and Enrique but then learned from other family members that there was a least one more.

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