Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sheldon Livesay - Someday an ancestor but right now, please help him feed the hungry in Eastern Tennessee

Someday Sheldon will be an ancestor. Our grandfathers were brothers. They lived in Sneedville, Tennessee where they eked out a living farming land along the Clinch River. The beauty of the area is breathtaking. Unfortunately, this portion of Appalachia is one of the most depressed areas in our country. While we support all the other causes around the world, this little area is overlooked. Children are hungry here. 

Along comes Sheldon Livesay, who says that God called him to involve himself in helping the poor where he lives. It has became much bigger and from there it became Of One Accord Ministry. With a small staff and wonderful volunteers, they are making a difference. 

My cousin Patty and I, traveled there in 2013 to see where our family came from and to meet Sheldon. It was a remarkable trip where we learned more about our family history but what we came away with was an appreciation for how fortunate we are. Sheldon and the people in the area run an outreach program that not only shares the message of God's love, they make a real difference in the lives of the people in their area. 
Patty at Amis Mill Eatery where Sheldon took us to eat. The mill was part of our family history. 

News report about "Of One Accord Ministry". This is the story Sheldon told us at lunch that day. 

Older "Of One Accord Ministry" video but does show all the ways they make a difference. 

At Christmas, when we fill red buckets for the Salvation Army and donate for the food drives in our area, please think about sharing a little with Sheldon and "Of One Accord Ministries".  


  1. We hear so much about hunger and poverty in other nations. This brings it much closer to home, Ann. In my research it has been very easy to learn about stats in 3rd world countries and war torn villages. It takes digging to learn about things here at home. We need to dig and share the story. Thank you so much for this post!

    1. Near and dear to my heart. This is family. What a great message the folks at Of One Accord Ministry have to share.