Friday, August 24, 2012

Live and learn

Once you have a little success, you want more. We found Darla and David or, Darla found us. Heady with success, I waited but nothing else happened. Then, my story was featured on "The Armchair Genealogist". It is a blog I read sporadically but I had not spent the time to really take in all the information she has and continues to post. What I learned was to ask researchers in the historical societies across the country to do the research for me. They are surprisingly affordable and very easy to work with. This was an eye-opener for me when I found that I could get information 3000 miles away without having to leave home. I started with the Richland County History Room in Richland, Wisconsin. They found a picture of Patricia Powell from high school and confirmed that she was indeed a Gaulthair. Nita (my researcher) also suggested that I ask the La Crosse Library if they had any information. The La Crosse Library has a form that you can submit. I was skeptical but filled out my question and sent it on in. Within two days, I had a response. Mr. Peterson told me that he didn't have the information I needed but he had found a newspaper clipping about the parents. This was more helpful than he realized because Frank Gaulthair divorced Mable while she was in the Racine Asylum. This is the first hint of mental illness that might help to explain Lydia's behavior. He attached the article to an e-mail and now we have it for our records. Today, I heard from the Vernon County Library. Carol not only found records that verify that Karolene and Gerald are related, she said she also had marriage records. We thought that Lydia went from man to man without the benefit of marriage and now we know even more. We should receive the documentation next week and I can't wait to get it.

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