Monday, December 17, 2012

Non-family names mentioned in the letters

George Baker - born about 1848 and lived in Sneedville, Tennessee. Jack Baker,born about 1882, his wife Emma and their son Willie lived with the old folks in 1918, according to Martha Jane Rhea. It would make sense that George Baker was his father.

King Hutson was 57 at the time of the 1910 census. He was widowed. He might have had a sister named "Queen".

Frank Seal was born Dec.8, 1888 and died on 3 September 1952.

William Nelson Snodgrass (1878 - 1959) was married to Lillie Bower Rhea.

New direction

I am taking this blog in a different direction. It has been a hodge-podge of all the families that intersect with mine. I have information on my husband's adoptive family and now have written a small book on his biological family. That story now has its own blog and it can be accessed as "The Gaulthair Children" page.
It is incredibly difficult to find information that is personal in nature and gives us insight into what people were doing and thinking in the past. We tend to focus on our family but the letters from Martha Jane McCollum share not only family details but those of her neighbors and friends.

I am going to tag all the families that were involved with Martha Jane McCollum. While we are not related to these families, in her letters, Jane shares daily details for other families that my grandfather knew and wanted to know about.

It is my hope that those families will find these details and use them to understand more about their families and how they lived.